Bids & Awards

To promote transparency in the procurement process and encourage competitiveness and equal opportunity among contracting parties, Republic Act 9184, or An Act Providing for the Modernization, Standardization and Regulation of the Procurement Activities of the Government and for Other Purposes, a Bids and Awards Committee is established in government offices, including the local government.

The current BAC is composed of the following:
Chairman: Lolita Fullante
Vice Chairman: Almario Matawaran
Members: Jonathan Llagas, Jaime San Marcos and Susan Mendoza
Secretariat: Johnnel Ferrera
Technical Working Group: Crisanna San Luis and Michael Pangilinan

In compliance of the same law, bidders should submit the following bidding documents that will be enclosed in two sealed envelopes – the first contains the technical component of the bid (eligibility requirements set forth below) and the second which contains the financial component (bid price). For more information about the government procurement process, visit the website of the Government Procurement Policy Board.

Legal Documents

  • Copy of duly signed letter of application signed by the authorized signatory -Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) business name registration or SEC registration certificate, whichever may be appropriate under existing laws of the Philippines, supported with the necessary information using the prescribed forms
  • Valid and current Mayor’s permit/municipal license -Taxpayer’s Identification Number
  • Duly signed statement of the prospective bidder that it is not “blacklisted” or barred from bidding by the Government or any of its agencies, offices, corporations or LGUs, including non-inclusion in the Consolidated Blacklisting Report issued by the Government Procurement Policy Board
  • Duly signed valid joint venture agreement, in case of a joint venture -Duly signed letter authorizing the BAC or its duly authorized representative/s to verify any or all of the documents submitted for eligibility check
  • Duly signed certification under oath that each of the documents submitted in satisfaction of the eligibility requirements is an authentic and original copy, or a true and faithful reproduction of the original, complete and that all statements and information provided therein are true and correct

Technical Documents

  • Duly signed statement of ongoing and similar completed government and private contracts within the last three years including contracts awarded but not yet started, supported with the list using GPPB prescribed forms
  • Duly signed statement of the types and number of equipment that the consultant owns, has under lease and/or has under purhcase agreements
  • Duly signed statement on the prospective bidder’s technical competence, experience and staff capabilities Financial Document
  • Audited financial statements, stamped “received” by the Bureau of Internal Revenue or its duly accredited and authorized institutions, for the immediately preceding calendar year, showing among others the total assets and liabilities


january 28 bidding date