Senior Citizens & PWD

The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office is the primary local government agency that provide assistance for persons with disabilities and senior citizens. They conduct seminars to inform them of their rights. MSWD also partners with other government agencies and non-government organizations to implement programs for the well-being of PWDs and senior citizens.

For Persons with Disabilities Who Need an Assistive Device

  • Certification from the doctor or attending physician indicating the need for assistive gadgets
  • Whole body picture of the PWD

1. Secure a Social Case Study Report
2. Submit the Report along with other requirements to MWSDO
3. Wait for the notice of the release of the assistive device

Issuance of PWD’s ID
Medical certificate/Certificate of Disability
1×1 ID picture

1. Fill out the PWD application form
2. Submit the requirements
3. Wait for the schedule of release.

Senior Citizens Identification Card

  • Any of the following (birth certificate, voter’s ID, driver’s license, marriage contract, or any document that will show proof of age)
  • 2 copies of 1×1 ID picture
  • Community tax certificate or cedula

1. Fill out the application form and submit the requirements to MSWDO
2. Wait for the schedule of release of the ID
3. Attend the orientation on the benefits of Republic Act 9257 (law that grants additional benefits and privileges to senior citizens)
In case of lost ID, affidavit of lost is required.