The Municipal Health Office is headed by health officer who should have at least three years experience in the practice of the profession. S/he is tasked to: formulate program implementation guidelines and rules and regulations for the operation of the MHO; formulate measures for the consideration of the local council and provide technical assistance to the mayor in carrying out activities to ensure the delivery of basic health services; develop plans and strategies and implementation of health programs; and be in the frontline of health services during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural disasters.

It also serves as an advisor to the mayor on matters pertaining to health; execute and enforce laws and ordinances related to public health; recommend to the local council the passage of ordinances; direct the sanitary inspection of all business establishments selling food items; conduct health information campaign and to coordinate with other government agencies and non-government organizations involved in the promotion and delivery of health services.

The following are the services offered by the MHO:
Medical consultation
Maternal Care Services
Immunization Services
Family Planning Services
National Tuberculosis Program Services
Issuance of Health or Medical Certificate

Medical consultation
1. Go to your Barangay Health Station for initial interview and to get your record
2. Proceed to the Health Center for medical consultation. An advice will be given to you by the Medical Officer
a. If your case requires hospitalization, the medical officer will refer you to the hospital of your choice
b. If you require laboratory examination, proceed to the laboratory. Subject yourself to the medical officer once you get the result. If applicable, you shall undergo medical treatment based on the findings of the medical officer
c. In case you are required to undergo a medication, a prescription will be issued. Proceed to an assigned personnel for the issuance of the available medicine

Maternal Care Services
1. Go to your Barangay Health Station and provide information to be entered in the Home Based Maternity Records
2. For pregnant women, a pre-natal examination and health education will be conducted
3. For lactating women, regular check-up four to six weeks after delivery will be performed
4. Go to the Municipal Health Office if signs of pregnancy risks are observed.

Immunization Services
1. Go to the Barangay Health Station and inquire about the schedule of immunization
2. At the scheduled date, go to your BHS and register your name
3. The Rural Health Midwife will administer the immunization
a. For pregnant women, they must submit for an interview and present their records of previous examination
4. After immunization, ask the Barangay Health Worker for post-immunization instruction and the schedule of the next immunization

Family Planning Services
1. Go to your Barangay Health Station and state your request for information and counseling service
2. Register your name in the logbook
3. The Rural Health Midwife conducts counseling and hands-out IEC materials for reference
4. Continuing users should attend other counselling schedules.

National Tuberculosis Program Services
1. Go to your Barangay Health Station for initial interview and recording of medical history
2. Proceed to the Rural Health Unit in your area for verification
3. Submit two sputum specimen for sputum microscopy
4. Secure the sputum examination result at the RHU
5. If found to be positive with tuberculosis, go back to the RHU for information and counseling, and for enrollment of multi-drug therapy

Issuance of Health or Medical Certificate
1. Go to the Treasurer’s Office and pay the required certification fee
2. At the Health Center, approach the midwife for initial interview and verification of the requirements
3. The Municipal Health Officer conducts assessment and medical examination
4. If no abnormality is seen, you will be given a Medical/Health Certificate signed by the MHO
5. If applicable, you shall undergo medical treatment, you will not be given a medical certificate unless you finish your treatment.