Baras is a community of peace loving people living in harmony with nature where family is able to provide for its basic needs. It is imbued with a dynamic spirit seeking progress without sacrificing time tested values within a unique culture of its own ever mindful of leaving a legacy of a sustained development led by a consistent, responsible, efficient and committed government leaders who holds as sacred the mandate of its people in the discharge of the functions of public office as a public trust.


To alleviate poverty by providing opportunities for personal growth and the improvement of the standards of living through a natural resource based livelihood and skills training programs;

To arrest the continuing environmental degradation gaining prevalence in the Municipality through sustainable methods of farming and providing continuing restoration and protection of natural resources;

To create critical and necessary infrastructure support systems as development linkages in support of social mobility and economic productivity;
To develop a new brand of political leadership and improve bureaucratic efficiency through the inclusion of proper work attitude and acquisition of skills to enable the municipal government to deliver effectively basic public services to its constituency;

To integrate ecological, agricultural, cultural, socio-economic and trade programs under a holistic development approach which shall benefit directly the people of Baras in the short and in the long term;

To enhance a responsive and humane social service program which appropriate, timely and relevant to the needs of the people; and

To attain fiscal discipline and responsible management of assets and resources with accurate and realize records within a sound accounting system which is fully compliant with existing rules and procedures.